Petaling Street - A Fun Shopping Experience

Most of the tourists who come to Malaysia like to go to Petaling Street. For me it is just like any other night market (although Petaling Street opens from 10.00 am to about 2.00 am the next morning).

It is not a shopping mall rather a line up of small stalls selling various items from watches, handbags, T-shirts and a lot more stuff. But Petaling Street is famous for its look-alike items (I wouldn't want to call them fake because you very much can tell from the looks and the price). It is also called the "Chinatown of Malaysia" as all the stall owners are Chinese, Malaysian Chinese that is!!

Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur
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  • In the middle of Kuala Lumpur city
  • next to Jalan Sultan

I go there maybe 2-3 times a year. Most of the time I have already identified the items to buy for my kids like footbal jerseys, watches or MP3 player. My kids like going there as they can browse for hours on the things that attract them.

If you happen to be in KL (a short form we like to use for Kuala Lumpur), Petaling Street is the place to go even if you are not planning to buy anything. Maybe you can test your bargaining skills. My bet is you will eventually get something from there as a souvenir for your love one.

Malay and Malaysian

My friend who is a US citizen once got it confused when I told him about my Chinese Malaysian friend.

"He's a Chinese Malaysian and I am a Malay Malaysian"

"You are kidding me rite?"

"No! It's true!" (thought that I was just joking around)

Malaysia is a multi-racial country which consist of about 60% Malay, 30% Chinese, and another 10% are Indian, Portuguese and other natives group.

Hey there!

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